Unit 8: Developing Algebraic Reasoning through Visual Patterns

One thought on “Unit 8: Developing Algebraic Reasoning through Visual Patterns

  1. I just filled in for an ESOL teacher today last minute, not knowing what in the world I was going to do. So, I brought in manipulatives and The Arch Problem. They seamlessly discovered the recursive and explicit rules that represent the pattern and were able to express their thinking to the rest of the class using English to explain how they arrived at their conclusions.

    Math is, after all, a universal language and patterns are what the human brain searches for in all languages and cultures. I had so much fun with the group and I think they did too, if all the thank yous that I received are any indication:)

    With the new emphasis on math in the ESOL classroom I was very intrigued with how this class answered the math challenge. I never thought about it until after the class, but I remember seeing that some of the CUNY Curriculum is available in Spanish. However, we got by very well using the English version. Very fun.

    Happy Math Adventures,


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