The CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework
Frameworks Posts should be the first stop of an HSE teacher looking for teaching materials that have been used successfully in adult education classrooms and which cover content that is on the TASC.
In the CUNY Framework Posts section of CollectEdNY, teachers can find materials to extend the lessons in the CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework as well as to provide additional support and practice for students. Teachers can also find lessons/problems/readings/teaching materials for content that is not contained within the CUNY HSE Framework.
For example, the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework focuses on Problem-Solving in Functions and Algebra (since those content areas make up more than 52% of the TASC). Below you will find resources to support that work and deepen student learning in that functions and algebra. You will also find lessons/problems/activities in Geometry (and Number & Quantity, Statistics & Probability, Life Sciences, Earth Science, etc.).
All of the lessons/activities here align to the standards assessed on the TASC in that they can be used to teach the specific content laid out in the TASC Item Specifications.
Also look below for the links to "Information on the TASC" for additional resources to better understand the TASC test.

Teaching Materials by Subject