Lehman Lesson Study Session Five

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Everyone’s Karaoke Hit:
Recreating the Research Lesson

We talked through the steps of the research lesson, to get an overview and talk about how the different stages of the lesson fit together.

Pre-Assessments – A Fair Price

Student work on the pre-assessment – A Fair Price

Exploring the Content

Eric created this chart, summarizing all of the statements from the T/F cards from the activity and the group spent some time exploring and discussing what we noticed.

We decided to include the chart in the lesson, adding it to the Whole Group Discussion section of the research lesson.

Other decisions
  • For the first research lesson, only the participants will observe
  • Venecia and Kateh’s classes will take the TABE during the research lesson
  • Kateh, Daphne and Eric will have a week to add anything they want to the research lesson (Wed. Nov. 16-Nov 22nd
  • Brain and Venecia will meet to make any final decisions. Venecia is in charge of making sure we have all the materials for the research lesson.
  • Gathering Data/Collecting Evidence 
    • We will collect all student work (pre-assessment, reflection writing, posters and explanations)
    • We will each take notes on what we hear and what we notice
    • We’ll take photographs
    • We will shoot brief videos of group discussions as we circulate

Link to the First Draft of our Research Lesson

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