NYS Common Core/TASC Learning and Leadership Training Institute: ELA / Science Context

This page includes additional web resources for the Matter, Energy and Interactions curriculum (available here through Dropbox download).

Matter, Energy and Interactions

x Accessible, down-to-earth interview with Richard Feynman on the basics of heat, fire, magnetism, evaporation, etc.

(book) Matter, by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn (Science Conepts, Twenty-First Century) – accessible introduction to matter, aligned to the CUNY Matter curriculum, would be good for teacher background knowledge and student reading as homework

Lesson 1

x Richard Feynman talking about what his father taught him
x Jiggling Atoms – Part One in a video interview series with Richard Feynman
x BBC documentary with interviews with Richard Feynman talking about science, his childhood, his father… (part 1 – start at 5:15)
Interview with Walter Lewin, physics professor talking about connecting physics to observations in the real world – much more advanced, but same idea as our curriculum

Lesson 2

x How do you prove air is matter?

Lesson 3

“Properties of Matter” by Dr. Prince
Thinking big and small: Tools for teaching and understanding the importance of scale (from the Eames Office)
Powers of 10, short film by Charles and Ray Eames
Cosmic Voyage (an video update of the Powers of Ten with Morgan Freeman narrating)
Powers of Ten exploration (interactive web site with magnification controls)
The Scale of the Universe (interactive site lets you see the relative size of objects in powers of ten)

Lesson 4

BBC characteristics of materials

Lesson 5

Learner.org lessons for teachers on states of matter
Visual of how particles look in gas, liquids and solids
Solids and liquids simulation
Image of dewy glass of ice water
“States of Matter” by Veritasium
PHET interactive simulation of the States of Matter

Lesson 6

Introduction to electrical charge
Image of lightning
Derek Owens explaining the science of lightning
Slow-motion lightning
Epic Lightning Storm in Georgie (video)
Balloons and static electricity, PhET interactive simulation
How lightning is created, how the energy field in the clouds form, how thunder is created
How electricity works (primer good for teachers

Lesson 7

A diagram of an atom
Just how small is an atom? (animated video)
Build an Atom, PhET interactive simulation
A freaked-out famous physicist, by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Matter is made of atoms, excerpt from lecture by Richard P. Feynman
How can an atomic mass be a decimal number?
Why are there decimals on the periodic table? (video)

Lesson 8

Radiolab story about Oliver Sacks and his love of the periodic table
Water molecule with overlapping electron orbitals
Podcast about hydrogen, its properties and discoveries

Lesson 9

“Physical and Chemical Changes” by Bozeman Science
“Chemical Reactions” by Bozeman Science
A Simple Model of Molecular Formation (for kids)
Periodic Videos (short videos about each of the elements)
Photo of the Hindenburg explosion
Footage of the Hindenburg explosion (Warning: disturbing footage)
Chemical Party video (funny!)
Reactions and Rates, PhET interactive simulation

Lesson 10

Water cycle
excerpt from NOVA’s Earth from Space: Shows what water vapor evaporating from the ocean’s surface might look like if you could see it

Additional Resources for Teaching Science

Reactions in Chemistry: eight-part workshop for professional development of high school chemistry and physical science teachers
Dynamic Periodic Table
Balancing Chemical Equations, PhET interactive< simulation
Crash Course Videos on learning chemistry, psychology, history, etc.
Horizontal Transfer (podcast by Paul Anderson from Bozeman YouTube videos and a fellow science teacher)
Science NetLinks: Science Lessons and Tools
Next Generation Science Standards
Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by Its Most Brilliant Teacher, by Richard P. Feynman
Fall 2014 Webinar Series: Focus on Science
Statistics for Action
LINCS Science Resource Collection
LINCS Science Listserv
A Very Lucky Wind, Radiolab, about a balloon and a coincidence


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