About Math Memos

MathMemos is a teacher space where adult educators share rich math problems, samples of student work, and practical suggestions for bringing the problems to life in the classroom. We believe that at the heart of every great math class is a great math problem. MathMemos contributors are adult educators who are passionate about teaching math through problem-solving activities.

For some ideas on getting started with Math Memos, click on the CollectEdNY review – Bring Math and Student Thinking Alive in the Adult Education Classroom.

How to Contribute

If you are interested in contributing to MathMemos, please contact us at info@mathmemos.org. In your email, please include the math problem that you would like to write about. The problem that you choose should meet a few general criteria:

  • It should be open-ended, meaning that it can either have multiple answers, or that there are multiple pathways to the solution.
  • A direct pathway to the solution should not be immediately clear from the prompt.
  • Students should be able to struggle productively with the problem for an extended period of time.

Once you are ready to start writing, download the MathMemos contributor template here. Samples of student work can be submitted as photos or as PDF files.

MathMemos was created by a grant from the New York State Education Department Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services.