Lehman Lesson Study Session Four

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Reviewing the Roles of a Teacher in the Four Phases of a Problem-Solving Math Lesson

Brainstorm for Summing Up

Here’s our group brainstorm of what students could get out of this activity. We can’t do it all, but I thought the list might help you:

  • scaling (seeing it visually and within the formula)
  • What happens when you…? (looking for structure in expressions)
  • testing if something is true or false – students being scientists
  • having strategies for testing validity of statements: (1) using the same number for the same values – like Daphne using 3 for the radius in the different shapes, (2) just trying numbers, (3) using what you come up with – like if you double something in a formula, use what you learn when considering what happens when…
  • connections between the different formula
  • engaging experience using the formulas on the TASC reference sheet
  • the understanding that volume is not shape dependent (the way students sometimes define area as LxW)
  • creating function tables from one of the statements

Brainstorm for Student Challenges to Address/Draw Out in Problem-Posing and Launch

Here are some of the obstacles we identified that students might have for the T/F statement activity:

  • vocabulary
  • exponents
  • pi
  • fractions (4/3)
  • order of operations (in surface area formula)

Link to the First Draft of our Research Lesson


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