Lehman Lesson Study Session One

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Community Builder: History of my Name

Eric’s Research Project – Consent Form

Warm-UpWhat are your goals and expectations? Explain your interest in participating in this lesson study.
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Connecting Classroom Practice to Broader Goals

Notes from our Brainstorm:

Students will…

  • see math as something that can help solve problems rather than be a problem in itself
  • overcome their fear of numbers so that they can logically and confidently approach mathematical problems
  • use personal experience to approach mathematical situations
  • understand that math might be difficult but it is still beautiful and doable
  • enjoy the experience and gain self-confidence
    A challenge versus a problem
  • A Challenge
    • “This is hard. Yes. Let me test myself”
    • takes the onus off of yourself
    • approach things as a scientist (comfort with trying and failing) – “Let me see what happens if I do this.”
    • If you have some basic information and confidence, you can move forward and try things
    • One aspect of seeing a challenge instead of a problem is having a systematic approach
  • A Problem
    • approach with trepidation
    • “My struggle is a personal statement about me”
    • Comes with a fear of failure
    • Students approach math like they are supposed to get it right the first time

A frightened person is not a thinking person

A comfortable cook does not need a recipe.

Research Lesson Topic

Functions & Algebra through Geometry

In preparation for the second meeting, participants read the following chapter as a starting off point for discussions on  (1) the connections between patterns and functions, and (2) how to observe and describe student work.

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