Lehman Lesson Study – Readings

What is Lesson Study?

In preparation for the first meeting, participants read the following article as an introduction to lesson study:

What are Functions?

In preparation for the second meeting, participants read the following chapter as a starting off point for discussions on  (1) the connections between patterns and functions, and (2) how to observe and describe student work.

Here are some additional readings:

What concepts in functions, algebra and geometry are assessed on the TASC?

Information on which standards are assessed in each content area in math can be found in the CUNY TASC Detailed Descriptions and Sample Item documents.

On Lesson Planning

Before we start writing the research lesson, we’ll read a few articles on developing lessons that draw out and utilize student thinking:

Here are some additional readings:

  • Characteristics of Japanese Mathematics Lessons by Akihiko Takahashi
  • From “Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally” by John Van De Walle.
    • Pages 41-48, from the chapter on “Teaching Through Problem-Solving”. This section looks at three-part lesson planning and talks about the Before, During and After phases of a Problem-solving centered classroom
    • Pages 81-87, from the chapter on “Planning in the Problem-Solving Classroom”
  • A World of Difference by James Hiebert and James W. Stigler
On Teaching Vocabulary