Introducing: The CUNY CareerKit in Healthcare

We hear that Healthcare is a sector with plenty of secure jobs, but where do we begin figuring out which career is the right one, and how to go about getting a job?

The CUNY CareerKit in Healthcare contains literacy and numeracy activities that shine a light on where the opportunities are, by:

  1. Showing real-time data that tracked the paths healthcare workers took starting as home health aides and moving into careers as medical assistants, nurses, as non-clinical positions in healthcare information technology.
  2. Showing the socio-political forces that are creating lots of healthcare jobs, and which careers in particular are in demand.
  3. Presenting narratives by people who work in Healthcare, speaking about their experience at work, in text and in video.
  4. Introducing students to career databases, such as Career Zone and Career Cruising, where they practice conducting their own research on careers of interest.
  5. Helping students navigate CUNY websites to explore the Healthcare certificate and degree programs at their campus of choice.

In addition, students consider their own strengths and interests, gaining the self-awareness necessary for informed career exploration.

How to use the CareerKit in Healthcare
1. Use the Healthcare CareerKit skills chart to locate activities based on the literacy or numeracy skill you want students to practice.
2. Using the skills chart, go to the Healthcare unit that contains the activity you want.
3. Read the activity and consider whether you want to make any adaptations to the activity, based on your students’ skills and needs.

Contact for a Microsoft Word version of the student handouts if you want to make any adaptations.


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