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Moira Taylor loves her reading time on the C train as she travels from Washington Heights to Brooklyn. Her ESL career started at the Riverside Language Program more than 20 years ago. She's also taught in Thailand, the New York Public libraries, and The New School. She's been at CUNY as an ESL professional developer for 10 years.

The CUNY CareerKits

The CUNY CareerKit Project is a set of curricular resources for HSE and high level ESOL students that blend critical literacy skills with career exploration, planning and preparation in 10 different growing industries. Each of the 10 CareerKits is designed to engage HSE and high level ESOL students in reading, writing, math, critical thinking  and digital literacy activities. The CUNY CareerKits are thoughtfully planned, and chockful of relevant resources – graphs, articles, videos, writing assignments, and more. As of this writing, there are careerkits for healthcare, technology, and community and social service available for use. The CUNY Careerkit in Education and Childcare is coming soon. Continue reading The CUNY CareerKits

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English Practice for Beginners

A terrific online resource for beginners is the REEP (Arlington Education and Employment Program) World. REEP is a Virginia-based agency that has been helping adult immigrants and refugees to learn English, job and technology skills for 40 years.

What makes the site so accessible for low-level students is that REEP has made it very easy for these students to access the materials by keeping the written language (including instructions) to a minimum, and maximizing the use of visuals to guide students and help them navigate.

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Vocabulary Study and Play at Your Fingertips is a site for teachers and students to create word cards for vocabulary learning through reading, listening, matching, spelling and flashcard games. Continue reading Vocabulary Study and Play at Your Fingertips

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Listening is an Act of Love

StoryCorps houses audio interviews on various themes (Family, Identity, Friendship, September 11, and Work, among others) that are terrific for listening practice and theme-based content. The interviews are rich for the content that they provide on topics, and they provide a wonderful opportunity for listening to two people speaking openly in a natural setting (real-life listening). Continue reading Listening is an Act of Love

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