About CUNY Framework Posts

Teaching Resources on CUNY Framework Posts

Once the CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework was completed, we wanted it to continue to grow and develop. To make the CUNY HSE Framework more of a living document, we created CUNY Framework Posts.
In the CUNY Framework Posts section of CollectEdNY, teachers can find lessons, problems, readings that:
  • extend the lessons in the CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework
  • provide additional support and practice for classes working on the Framework
  • explore content that is not in the CUNY HSE Framework
CUNY Framework Posts are organized by TASC subjects (Math, Science, Writing, Social Studies, Reading), domains (e.g. algebra, functions, geometry, number & quantity, statistics & probability) and subdomains (e.g. within Functions – Building Functions, Interpreting Functions and Linear/Quadratic/Exponential Models).
Lessons/activities here align to the standards assessed on the TASC. They can be used in conjunction with the CUNY HSE Framework to teach specific content laid out in the TASC Item Specifications.

Information About the TASC

In addition to teaching materials, CUNY Framework Posts can also help you make sense of what is on the TASC.
Included in the above materials, the CUNY PD Team created resources to give teachers an introduction to the TASC and provide a window into what our students face on the actual TASC test. The information is based on the team’s analysis of the current Official TASC Readiness Assessments.
Teachers will also find documents that include explanations of each content standard assessed on the TASC. Teachers can see what is emphasized, as well as sample questions and problems. These documents are based on the TASC Item Specifications released by DRC.