How Do We Teach Students to Cite Evidence in Their Writing?

This Teaching Channel video shows a 6th grade teacher demonstrating how she helps students master the skills of highlighting, annotating, and then writing a response to a prompt using evidence from the text. Notice her use of modeling, stop-and-talk, and the way she teaches her students to highlight and annotate the texts. While this 5-minute video does capture a 6th grade classroom, don’t dwell on the fact that this is a 6th grade classroom. There are many evidence-based practices here that we can learn from, replicate, borrow and/or adapt to adult education classes.

What  do you like about her approaches?  What might you replicate with the adult learners you serve?

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Shannon specializes in literacy instruction for struggling adolescent and adult learners. Shannon has worked in adult literacy since 2002 and with the LAC since 2006. She loves her work and this field!

One thought on “How Do We Teach Students to Cite Evidence in Their Writing?

  1. The Teaching Channel is one of my favorite resources! I get up at 5 AM on Sunday mornings to watch the hour long show on PBS. As an ABE/ASE instructor for Orleans/Niagara BOCES, I am always looking for opportunities to find new strategies to help my students. Because students need practice with citing evidence, I try to provide them with as many experiences as I can. I have used the techniques shown in this video in my classroom. The soccer ball document is a great place to start so students can experience success with a short article. Practicing these techniques using longer articles will help students to prepare for the high school equivalency exam.

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