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This is my go-to website when I am looking for a text about a disease that clearly explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment. Without talking down, the website describes and explains many different diseases in simple language. The texts about each disease are at an appropriate reading levels and length for classroom use and because they have subtitles, they lend themselves well to practices like filling in graphic organizers and writing summaries.

I’ve used this site when introducing science. For instance, a series of lessons on genetics culminating in reading about sickle cell anemia as both an example of recessive gene inheritance and natural selection (Scientists believe sickled cells help grant immunity to malaria).

I have also given different groups of students handouts about different types of diseases culled from this website and asked them to sort the diseases into “inherited,” “infectious,” and “environmental.”

To find explanations of diseases, use the search button or click on “Health Problems.”

Additional features of the site:

  • Many of the texts are also in Spanish.
  • There is a dictionary of medical terms.
  • Most texts can also be listened to in audio.

The degree of engagement will be high if the texts are well framed by the teacher beforehand, but this site is likely to be useful to anyone who wants to learn more about a disease.

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3 thoughts on “Straightforward Health Information

  1. My ELA class is debating the legalization of marijuana. This site gives an objective, clear, informational article about the drug, which will be helpful to my students. I plan to use articles from this site for practicing writing informational paragraphs and essays.

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  2. I really like this website. It offers a wide variety of resources, and it’s written with vocabulary that is accessible. I think this would be a good website to have students explore individually and learn about any of the biological systems that interests them. This includes drugs, diseases, puberty, recipes, health issues, etc. Don’t miss out on the quizzes and games that are available to print or do online.

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  3. The information on drugs available on the website is really interesting. You can read all about cocaine, marijuana, heroine, and the various effects of these and other drugs, and the street names for them. However, the drug information is hidden under the puberty category- and you will miss it if you don’t go there.

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