A Comprehensive Science Resource

This comprehensive site for teachers is set up for K-12 teaching but includes many resources that are appropriate for the adult classroom. The site is divided into the following sections:

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are searchable by branch of science (chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) and by grade. Most lesson plans link to other websites where there may be text, video or audio for students to read or view. Lesson plans are uniformly organized, beginning with a hands-on activity or discussion entitled “Motivation” that sets the stage or raises a question, then moving to “Development,” the part of the lesson where students read, discuss, and perhaps participate in a demonstration. A sampling of lesson plans under “Chemistry” yields:

  • The Acid Test—students make an indicator out of cabbage juice for testing the acidity or alkalinity of substances
  • “Converting Energy”—Students learn about different kinds of energy through a hands on activity—insulating a pyramid.
  • “Temperature Changes Everything”—Students begin to understand how heat causes particles to move more quickly through reading and viewing a simulation


This section includes videos and interactives that can be used in the classroom or that students can view on their own. Some are too childish for the adult population.


There are some good demonstrations and hands on activities here, such as the activity called “Fun with Forces” in which students watch a demonstration of centrifugal force, then build a roller coaster.


Science News—short but sometimes very interesting updates on topics that may interest students, such as a study on rats that suggests that the purpose of sleeping is to reinforce learning.

Career Development

It’s worth noting that some of the resources on this site are geared toward helping students learn more about STEM careers. There are interviews of scientists in various fields and some lesson plans engage students in following the steps of scientists at work, such as designing a green roof.


This section contains a miscellaneous set of resources. A helpful one is a list of recommended books on various science topics. The list ranges from books for young children to books for adults, offering interesting angles on some of the most important science developments.

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  1. We found a garbage timeline on the history of garbage from the 1600’s to the present included in the lesson on “Engineering Solutions”–this would be a great way to integrate science with social studies.

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  2. I like that the videos are short and can be easily used in a lesson. Beside this, the visual format is a pull in the YouTube age.

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