Career Exploration Resources for Students

This is a comprehensive career exploration website that every adult student should be aware of. The site allows students to take the first steps toward researching a career by assessing themselves based on broad categories of interest, such as “enterprising,” “social,” and “artistic.”

The site is easy to use with categories of information listed across the top. These include:

Assess Yourself—students choose three categories and then view occupations listed in five “zones,” from jobs requiring the least amount of training and education to jobs requiring the most.

Search—Here students can work with a scroll down a alphabetic list of occupations, opening on those that interest them. For each occupation, there is a wealth of information:

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Duties
  • Tools
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Education and training
  • Schools that offer training
  • Licensing or certification needed
  • Apprenticeship opportunities

Resources—Here students will find links to a variety of websites that can help them plan for college or graduate school—College Answer, FAFSA, Fastweb College and Career Search, GRE and GMAT preparation

Guest Tools—Students can use these tools to create resumes and cover letters and fill out job applications

Portfolio—Students can create an account and set up a portfolio so that the site can be visited regularly to update their information and interests.

The site is appropriate for use in class and many students will be able to use it on their own as well. Degree of engagement will be high if students are motivated to plan their futures.

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  1. Students are always looking for helpful, career oriented sights. This looks like a valuable resource for career searches.

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